Health System Alliance of Arizona

Statement from the Health System Alliance of Arizona Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Phoenix, AZ– The Health System Alliance of Arizona issued the following statement regarding the COVID-19 vaccine distribution:

“Member hospitals of the Health System Alliance of Arizona have been proud to assist the state and Maricopa County to jump start a large scale and county-wide COVID-19 vaccination system to vaccinate qualifying individuals including frontline health care workers, teachers and the elderly. At each of the Maricopa County vaccination PODs, careful precautions are taken to safeguard every allocated vaccine, resulting in virtually no vaccines going unused that could be used.

“The current COVID-19 vaccines require highly specialized storage and are packaged in multiple doses creating the potential for vaccine loss. We have made careful use of any and all vaccine supplies allocated to our PODs. Arizonans can have confidence in our PODs and the use of vaccines.

“We look forward to receiving more vaccines along with the creation of additional vaccination sites across the state to increase the number of Arizonans who can be vaccinated against COVID-19. We are grateful to the thousands of hospital employees and community volunteers at the county-led sites who have been working tirelessly to vaccinate Arizonans as quickly as possible.”