Policy Priorities

 Grow and Support Arizona’s Economy and Healthcare Workforce Needs

Arizona has incredible economic momentum and continues to attract new residents as one of the fastest growing states in the country. Quality health care is an essential component of Arizona’s infrastructure similar to water, energy and transportation. The state must adequately plan for continued population growth, as well as an aging population, to ensure continued economic development activity and vibrant communities. The Alliance is committed to work with policymakers and stakeholders to grow Arizona’s economy and meet the healthcare needs of a growing population.

Arizona’s healthcare industry, and nationally, is experiencing unprecedented workforce shortages. As some of the largest healthcare providers and employers in the state, health systems are constrained in their ability to provide quality care for patients and responsibly expand to meet Arizona’s increasing healthcare needs. We seek to promote solutions that help grow the healthcare workforce in the areas of education, training, retention, and recruitment both in the immediate and long term.

 Ensure Financial Sustainability and Quality of the Hospital and Healthcare Delivery System

Hospitals and health systems across the state have extraordinarily risen to meet the needs of the state and country during the current public health crisis and have experienced unprecedented increases in costs related to staffing, supplies, and equipment The Alliance prioritizes all efforts to protect and maximize federal and state reimbursement streams; to identify innovative funding solutions to compensate for pandemic associated expenses and impacts, establish cost-saving measures, and ensure that the hospital industry remains sustainable. It is critical to ensure that healthcare providers receive adequate AHCCCS reimbursement for services to Medicaid patients in Arizona.

 Reduce Regulatory Burdens

Healthcare represents a significant part of the economy in the state of Arizona and we must ensure that we have a healthy regulatory environment that supports innovative delivery approaches, maximizes cost efficiency opportunities, and expands the provider network. The Alliance supports efforts to remove unnecessary regulations and licensing requirements that place administrative and cost burdens on health systems with little or no impact to patient care or safety.

 Promote the Use of Advanced Technologies and Health Information

The Health Information Exchange (HIE) is one of the most important tools providers have to access complete information on their patients’ health. The Alliance supports the continued expansion of a more robust HIE that includes post-acute and lab data, as well as medication fill history. We also support technology solutions that integrate community-based organizations into the HIE and connect patients to resources as it relates to the social determinants of health amongst at-risk populations. As the use of technology expands, protecting health care services, data and patients from cyberattacks, while supporting efforts to increase government cybersecurity assistance and information sharing, is paramount.

 Support and Advance Public Health Preparedness

The Alliance recognizes that one of the most critical defenses against any disease spread is proactive prevention on behalf of Arizona’s citizens. We support the ability of hospitals and other private employers to require vaccination as a condition of employment and determine appropriate mitigation strategies without government interference. Healthcare providers must be able to continue to respond to changing conditions and determine policies that protect both patients and staff. The Alliance supports policies that are evidence-based and respects the physician-patient relationship which is the basis for high quality medical care.

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