Policy Priorities

Strengthening the Safety Net

As health care providers and advocates, the Alliance supports efforts to maintain the strong network of care that is responsible for caring for our patients.  We remain committed to deliberate, thoughtful policy solutions that protect our state Medicaid and KidsCare programs; preserve coverage for our patients; and drive innovation and quality into our system. As our federal partners and the courts continue to deliberate the future of the delivery system; the Alliance stands ready to advocate for policy solutions that protect our most vulnerable patients and their families.

Strengthening Reimbursement

As the largest employers and care providers in Arizona, the members of the Alliance recognize their responsibility to continue to drive the needle on quality of care, innovation and efficiency, while also remaining a strong driver in the broader economy.  Mounting regulations and unfunded mandates at the state and federal level have made achieving these goals more challenging, particularly because the AHCCCS reimbursement rate reductions taken during the Great Recession have not been restored.  On average, hospitals in Arizona receive $0.60 in reimbursement for every $1.00 in cost for treating Medicaid patients.  This has created an unsustainable environment for continued innovation, access to care and economic growth.  To this end, the Alliance supports efforts to leverage the hospital assessment to draw down federal matching dollars and begin restoring the reimbursement rate reductions taken during the Great Recession.  The Alliance also supports the continuation of Critical Access Hospital (CAH) and Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) funding streams, which both provide critical support for safety net hospitals in Arizona.

Ensuring a Strong, Sustainable Healthcare Economy

Health care represents a significant part of the economy in the State of Arizona and the organizations comprising the Alliance are some of the State’s largest employers.  The Alliance looks forward to working with decision makers to identify policies that ensure the continued sustainability of this critical industry, while also promoting an economic environment that will allow it to continue to grow and innovate, and create meaningful jobs without the need for burdensome mandates and regulation.

We must ensure that we have a healthy regulatory environment that supports the provider network, without harmful mandates and regulation.  The Alliance opposes the government imposition of artificial salary schedules that are established without regard to workforce capacity, experience or skillset. We believe that each of our members should continue to be able to engage with their employees in a way that nurtures engagement, growth and progression in alignment with the culture and capacity of each organization.

Improving Care for Arizona: Health Care Integration

The Alliance supports the integration of our health care delivery system and continuing discussions on how to best care for patients who are elderly; are diagnosed with a serious mental illness (SMI) or developmental disability, who are suffering from general mental health disorders or substance abuse.  We believe these individuals and their loved ones should receive quality and timely care in a setting that is most appropriate to meet their individual health care needs.  We look forward to engaging with our partners in the behavioral health community to realign our delivery system in a manner that ensures that our most vulnerable patients have access to quality, integrated health care services.

Providing Quality Care to Arizona Communities

A healthy Arizona is a strong Arizona.  The Alliance membership prides itself on the innovative, quality-driven care that they provide to Arizona communities around the state.  We know that the path to wellness doesn’t begin and end in a doctor’s office.  It begins in a person’s own neighborhood, with the availability of sustainable housing; healthy food; transportation; and strong community support networks.  As hospitals and health care providers, we have a vested interest in the wellbeing of our patients.  We look forward to the opportunity to partner with other health care, community and business organizations to grow options for affordable, sustainable housing; resolve the food deserts in our state; and continue to build healthier neighborhoods, communities and families.

Growing Our Workforce

We remain committed to working with policymakers and stakeholders to identify ways to grow a strong, sustainable health care workforce for the benefit of Arizona’s health care economy.  As the health care industry in Arizona continues to grow, so too does the need to attract and retain qualified health care providers.  Thanks to Senator Heather Carter, Governor Ducey and the AHCCCS Administration, many teaching hospitals in Arizona will be able to create new residency spots in their Graduate Medical Education programs.   We look forward to continuing these efforts to grow and sustain a qualified workforce to support our delivery system.

Combatting the Opioid Epidemic

As the largest care providers in the State of Arizona, members of the Alliance have firsthand experience in treating patients in crisis and stand on the front lines of reducing the number of preventable opioid overdoses and deaths in our communities.  Our members remain committed to implementing research-driven best practices and interventions in our facilities to ensure that patients who are determined to be at risk for addiction are provided with the information and tools to manage their pain in a healthy, safe manner and that patients who are in crisis are connected with resources on how to identify and receive treatment for their addiction.

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